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Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee

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Measure L was passed under the rules of Proposition 39, which directs that the Board of Trustees appoint a Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee to monitor bond expenditures. The organization and conduct of the CBOC is laid out in the CBOC By-laws, which are approved by committee members and the BUSD Board of Trustees.

To view the requirements and guidelines of citizens oversight committees as mandated by Proposition 39, please view the CBOC By-laws.


  1. Taxpayer Organization Representative - One current vacancy for a member of a bona-fide taxpayer's association.
  2. Parent & PTA Representative:  One current vacancy for a Parent or Guardian of a child enrolled in the District and an active member in a Parent-Teacher Organization.
  3. Senior:  One vacancy starting May 8th, 2018, for an active member in a senior citizen's organization.
  4. Parent of Child Representative:  One vacancy starting May 8th, 2018, for a Parent or Guardian of a child enrolled in the District.
  5. Business Representative: One vacancy starting May 8th, 2018, for an active member of a business organization representing business community located in the District.


This Committee is responsible for reviewing expenditures related to the District's $77,000,000 general obligation bond, Measure L, approved by the voters on November 4, 2015. Members serve two‐year terms.


Future Meeting Dates
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  • December 9, 2020
  • March 10, 2020

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September 19, 2018 Meeting
June 20, 2018 Meeting - Rescheduled to June 27, 2018
March 21, 2018 Meeting
December 7, 2017 Meeting
September 5, 2017 Meeting
June 7, 2017 Meeting
March 1, 2017 Meeting
December 7, 2016 Meeting
October 5, 2016 Meeting
June 01, 2016 Meeting
March 02, 2016 Meeting
December 02, 2015 Meeting
August 05, 2015 Meeting 
June 10, 2015 Meeting

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Marty Michaels Chair Senior 5/7/2018
Amy Chen Vice Chair At Large 5/7/2019
Adrienne O'Leary Member Parent of Child 5/7/2018
Paul Guth
Member Parent of Child 4/9/2021
Frank Cancilla Member Business rep 5/7/2018
Susan Fowle Member At Large 5/7/2019
Jaishankar Srinivasan
Member  Parent & PTA Active Member
Vacant Member Taxpayer Organization Member VACANT
*If you are interested in becoming a member of the CBOC, please contact Kim Gomez at 408-923-1815 or email her at  Thank you.