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Bond Measure U

Updating Our Schools to Support a High-Quality Education

Here in Berryessa Union School District, we are committed to providing elementary and middle school students with an outstanding education. Our highly-qualified teachers and rigorous academic programs prepare our students to consistently earn top scores on state and national exams and go on to excel in high school, college and beyond. We are proud of our hardworking students and staff.
Basic Repairs and Safety Improvements
Although some of our classrooms and facilities have been updated recently, many of our facilities are decades old and in need of repairs to meet today's standards and ensure student safety. Safety and security improvements such as access control, security cameras and fire alarm systems are needed. In addition, upgrades to restrooms, plumbing, school kitchens and heating and cooling systems are needed.
Modern Classrooms to Support 21st-Century Education
Here in the heart of Silicon Valley, we know that the requirements for success are rapidly changing. Providing up-to-date classrooms, labs and learning technology is an essential component of preparing students to succeed in the competitive economy, and yet many of our classrooms are outdated and need to be upgraded to meet today's standards.
Potential Local Facilities Measure
To update and improve our schools to support a high-quality education, the Berryessa Union School District Board of Trustees is considering placing a local school facilities bond measure on an upcoming ballot. Although no final decisions have been made, a measure may cost $28.50 per $100,000 of assessed value per year for as long as bonds are outstanding and generate $98 million in locally-controlled funding for our schools. The measure may:
  • Make essential school safety and security improvements
  • Update science, arts and math classrooms and labs for 21st-century learning
  • Keep schools clean and well-maintained
  • Replace aging fire alarms and communication systems
  • Ensure playgrounds, walkways and fields meet current safety standards
Fiscal Accountability Would be Required
A local measure would require fiscal accountability, including:
  • All funds would stay local to support improvements to Berryessa Union School District schools
  • Funds could not be taken away by the State
  • No funds could go to administrator salaries
  • An independent citizen oversight committee would review expenditures
"Looking Ahead" Survey
Thank you for participating in our community survey.  The survey is now closed and your input has been captured.  Please see our brochure "We Asked About Your Priorities" for the results.