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Health & Welfare

Medical CoverageTop of Page

The District participates in the CalPERS health plans program. CalPERS provides a variety of plans. Only you can decide which is best for you and your family's needs.  For more details about specific health plans offered by CalPERS, please refer to the CalPERS Health Benefit Summary, which you can get online at:
CalPERS Website
You can also reach CalPERS by phone at 888-225-7377.  You can access a complete listing of current plans and premiums offered by the district at 2019-2020 Medical Rates.

Information regarding district premium contribution entitlements and eligibility for enrollment into District sponsored health plans is determined by Board Policy contained in collective bargaining agreements with each of the employee organizations (CSEA, CTAB, Teamsters).

  • Open Enrollment Period
Once you have enrolled in a medical plan, you may switch plans only during the open enrollment period.  Open enrollment is generally during the fall of each school year (generally in September or October).  Changes made during open enrollment will take effect January 1 following the open enrollment period.

  • Medical Coverage for Domestic Partners
Domestic partner coverage is now available for active and retired employees.  To enroll a domestic partner in a health coverage program, you must first register your domestic partnership with the California Secretary of State's office     Phone:  1-916-653-49841-916-653-4984.

Dental CoverageTop of Page

The District participates in Delta Dental Plan of California. The Dental plan is very comprehensive and covers a variety of services.  For a listing of principal benefits, covered services and eligibility please click on the link below for Delta Dental.  Group Number for the different bargaining groups CTAB/Dental (7102-0083), CSEA/Dental (7102-0050), Teamsters/Dental (7102-0050), Management/Supervisory/Dental (7102-0083).

Delta Dental can be accessed through the internet or by telephone 1-866-499-3001.

  • Dental Coverage for Domestic Partners
        Domestic partner coverage is now available for participating members of Delta Dental.
        To enroll a domestic partner, contact the district Personnel Department .

  • Dental Coverage for Dependent Children
        Children are covered until age 26.

Vision CoverageTop of Page

The District provides a vision care plan through participation in Vision Service Plan (VSP).  The VSP website can be accessed at  You can also contact VSP by telephone at 1-800-877-7195.
To request further information, click here