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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

General Questions
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How do I change my address?

To notify the District of an address, phone number, and/or personal email change, using the internet, log on to the Berryessa Employee Portal at or click here or log into Berryessa Insider and under "Forms and Documents" click on Human Resources download the Name-Address Change Form.
What is my credential and/or credential number?

Using the internet, go to or click here.

Where can I have my TB (tuberculin) test done?

If you are covered by health insurance, TB testing can be administered by your primary care physician.  You can also obtain the test for a minimal fee at the following facilities:
Santa Clara County Public Health Department
Park Alameda, 976 Lenzen Ave, San Jose
Phone: 408-792-5200 (Call for Service days/hours)
Gardner Family Health
195 E. Virginia St, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: 408-998-8815 Appointments Required

 Alviso Health Center
1621 Gold St, Alviso, CA  95002
Phone: 408-935-3949 Appointments Required

CompreCare Health Center
3030 Alum Rock Ave, San Jose, CA 95127
Phone: 408-272-6318 Appointments Required

Can I get a copy of the results of my TB (tuberculin) test?

This information can be requested by email at the address below.  A response will be returned via email within three business days for a pick-up date.

When do I need to submit transcripts for salary advancement?

Certificated employees transcripts received by November 1 or March 1 may apply toward current year's placement and salary is  adjusted to the beginning of the school term.  Transcripts received after March 1 will be recognized for column placement the following year.

Medical Benefits QuestionsTop of Page

Can I change my health plan coverage?
The District has an "open enrollment" period once each year in the fall (general between the months of September and October.  At this time employees can elect to change health plans.  This is the only time when a "voluntary" change can occur.  Changes in plan coverage can occur outside of the open enrollment period only when there is a "qualifying event" (birth of a child; death; separation from employment of a spouse, resulting in loss of coverage; and other unexpected events.)  The only change that can be made as a result of occurrence of a "qualifying event" is the addition or deletion of a qualified family member.  Change in plan coverage can only occur during the fall open enrollment period.     

What are the benefits provided under my health plan?  Is there a list of approved doctors for each of the plans?
This information can be obtained by accessing the websites for each of the areas of coverage - medical, dental, and vision.  You can seek specific information about each plan and its coverage by clicking on the related link below and reviewing the information offered.  If you still require additional assistance or information  you can contact a representative for each of the plans listed by calling the toll free number listed at each site.

    Blue Cross of California -
    Blue Shield of California -
    Kaiser -
    Vision Service Plan -
    Delta Dental -

How do I obtain copies of medical reimbursement forms for medical, dental and vision services?

Click on one of the following links which will take you directly to your health plan website to request a claim for reimbursement.

    Blue Cross of California -
    Blue Shield of California -
    Kaiser -
    Vision Service Plan -
    Delta Dental -

District Related QuestionsTop of Page

How can I get a District form?

District forms are maintained online and can be downloaded and printed for completion or completed online and submitted via email by going to the Berryessa Union School District Intranet website.   From a District networked computer, type "insider" in the URL address bar of your favorite Web browser and click on the link called "District Forms".

Where can I find a copy of the negotiated agreement between my employee organization and the District?

Copies of the negotiated agreements for all three bargaining units can be viewed, downloaded, and printed via the District's website.  You can access the agreements by clicking on the link below:

  • California School Employees Association - CSEA
  • California Teachers Association of Berryessa - CTAB
  • Teamsters Local, Union 228 - Teamsters
Copies of each agreement are kept on file at each school office/department and are available for check out.

Where can I pick up my check?

The certificated and classified payroll offices are located in the Business Services Division at the District office.  Typically, checks or direct deposit verification stubs are sent to the school sites on the last work day of the month in c/o the principal or school secretary for salaried employees, and on the tenth of the month (or closest business day prior to the 10th if the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday.)  For payroll related questions you may contact:
Certificated Payroll Technician at 408-923-1858 or the Classified Payroll Technician at extension 408-923-1857.