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Staff members in front of a Corporation Yard sign
Grounds is a part of the Business Services Department.  Our offices are located at the Berryessa Union School District Corporation Yard at 945 Piedmont Rd. San Jose, CA 95132.  Our team is responsible for maintaining the grounds of all district sites.  Our goal is to ensure our sites are safe and appealing to the students, staff and community members we serve.   Support to our school sites includes landscape maintenance, irrigation, pest management and the completion of various community volunteer projects.  



Phone Number

Email Address

Nestor Campana

Project Coordinator

(408) 923-1622

Catherine Aguilar

Administrative Secretary- Support Services

(408) 923-1892

Miguel Cruz

Director of Maintenance, Operations and Transportation

(408) 923-1898

Field Closures
The Berryessa Union School District (BUSD) Grounds Department will be performing annual summer turf restorations on the sports fields described from July to September to repair the highly used turf areas.   This includes the fields of the following school sites:
  • Morrill Middle School, 1970 Morrill Avenue, San Jose, CA 95132
  • Vinci Park Elementary, 1311 Vinci Park Way, San Jose, CA 95132
  • Northwood Elementary, 2760 East Trimble Road, San Jose, CA 95132
Specifically, these renovations include aerating, chemical application, fertilizing, seeding, irrigation repairs, and improvements to prepare the fields for upcoming seasons. The adopted schedule accommodates both the needs of the school, local sports leagues and weather conditions necessary to complete this annual project. Several back-to-back renovation periods of greater than 8 weeks does not allow sufficient time for the turf to establish and presents complications for leagues to schedule games.
Fencing and signage are installed on the fields to notify the public that the fields are closed. During the renovation period, no play is allowed on the fields in order to allow new grass to grow. The renovation process takes approximately 8 weeks to complete. During that time, BUSD will use 1 to 2 weeks to complete work on the fields and 5 to 6 weeks to allow new grass to grow and establish. It is critical that the fields be given sufficient time to grow so they can withstand upcoming use.
Additionally, other schools sites are open for public use during the renovation period.  If you have any further questions feel free to contact (408) 923-1898 or email for further information.
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