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School Emergency Shelters and Overnight Stays

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If a disaster occurs in Santa Clara County our district will grant the use of school buildings, grounds, and equipment to public agencies, including the American Red Cross, for mass care and welfare shelters during disasters or other emergencies affecting the public health and welfare. Berryessa Union School district will cooperate with such agencies in furnishing and maintaining whatever services they deem necessary to meet the community's needs.  If school is not in session, our schools may be used by the American Red Cross to shelter community members.  In some cases, there may be a need to open a small portion of the school to the American Red Cross to shelter community members while school is in session or while the school is sheltering students.

When an emergency situation occurs requiring students to stay overnight at school, Berryessa Union School District plans to house, care for and supervise students until parents/guardians or pre-designated emergency contacts are able to pick up their children.  If an overnight stay is required, an attempt will be made to move students to the nearest designated shelter school.  This may be done on foot or by bus. All Berryessa Union School District Schools may be designated as Emergency Shelters and are equipped with a generator and a disaster supply cache.