Program Improvement

School Choice
Title I schools that do not make their adequate yearly progress (AYP) on state achievement tests enter into Program Improvement status.  Under No Child Left Behind (NCLB), students who attend a Title I-funded school that is identified for program improvement (PI), corrective action, or restructuring, must be given the option of school choice.  The school choice provision allows all students attending a Title I Program Improvement school the option to transfer to another public school that is not in program improvement, within a specific school range, or that is not identified as persistently dangerous.

Berryessa Union School District has seven schools identified as Program Improvement schools: Morrill Middle Year 5, Piedmont Middle Year 3, Summerdale Elementary Year 2, and Vinci Park Elementary Year 2, Toyon Elementary Year 2, Cherrywood Elementary Year 1, and Northwood Elementary Year 1.  The California Department of Education has determined this status based on their review of student academic performance data in English Language Arts and Mathematics as required by the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 2001.

Supplemental Education Services (SES)

In addition to offering school choice, supplemental education services (SES) are also available for qualifying students attending schools in Program Improvement years 2 and up.  The following schools are in Program Improvement years 2-5, Summerdale, Toyon, Vinci Park, Piedmont Middle, and Morrill Middle.  Please see the link below for more information regarding supplemental education services.
District Program Improvement

School Districts that participate in the funding from Title I, Part A must also meet Adequate Yearly Progress targets. A school district receiving Title I, Part A funds is identified for Program Improvement (PI) if it does not meet AYP goals for two consecutive years within specific areas, focused primarily on academic achievement in English-language arts and mathematics.  Berryessa Union School District has been identified as a District in year 3 of Program Improvement.


Report on Participation in Public School Choice and SES