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Mission, Vision, & Strategic Plan

Berryessa Union School District
Berryessa Union School District provides all students the skills to become
lifelong learners and successful 21st century global citizens.
Berryessa Union School District will be recognized for educational excellence in a safe, innovative and inclusive student-centered learning environment, inspiring students, staff and the community.
The Berryessa Union School District values . . . 
Honest and Integrity... Being student-centered... Equity... Diversity... Collaboration... Accountability... Commitment to excellence in education... Reflective and visionary thinking
THREE-YEAR GOALS (2020 - 2023)
Improve student achievement for all students (e.g.,by providing Common 
Core State Standards (CCSS) instruction with the strategic use of technology 
and providing professional development for all staff)

Ensure a safe and productive learning environment 

Increase parent and community involvement and education

Improve the mental health and wellness of students and staff

Enhance financial resources