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Parcel Tax - Renewing Measure K

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Renewing measure K
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High Quality Core Education

Berryessa Union School District (BUSD) provides local students with a quality education that challenges them to excel academically and prepares them for high school and 21st-century jobs. Our great teachers and staff, strong parent involvement and community support combined with rigorous educational programs, standards-based curriculum, and a commitment to excellence produces high student achievement.

Berryessa Union School District SurveyDistrict Survey

As the District considers local funding options to help maintain quality core education for our students, we welcome input from the community. Click HERE to complete the survey and let us know what your priorities are for the District.

Local Funding and Local Control

Since 2008, our community has supported and renewed a $79 parcel tax that provides locally controlled funding our Berryessa elementary and middle schools. Today, Measure K provides over $1.8 million annually, with all funding staying right here to benefit our local students. However, this funding is set to expire if not renewed before the end of the year. 
To learn more information about BUSD’s budget, click HERE

To join the Oversight Committee or learn more about how Measure K funds have been used, visit the Measure K Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee page by clicking HERE

Renewing Measure K for Our Local Schools

To protect and support the quality of education and instruction in our local schools, the Berryessa Union School District Board of Trustees is considering placing a measure on the November 2021 ballot to renew expiring Measure K funding. A potential measure would not increase taxes, but simply renew the existing parcel tax at $79 per parcel for eight years to:
• Maintain core academic programs in science, technology, reading, writing, languages, and math
• Attract and retain quality teachers
• Provide learning technology
• Keep school libraries open and retain school counselors

Strict Fiscal Accountability Would Be Required

A renewal measure would continue the same fiscal accountability provisions as are present in the Measure K parcel tax. This includes all funds staying in our local elementary and middle schools with no funding taken by the State, an independent citizens’ oversight committee to ensure funds are spent as promised and no funds for administrator salaries. Citizens age 65 and older, as well as individuals receiving SSI and SSDI, receiving an exemption from the current parcel tax would continue to be eligible for an exemption and would not need to reapply.
For more information, please contact the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Office at (408) 923-1860.