Dual Language Immersion Program

Exploring Parent Interest for a Fall 2018 Launch

Spanish - Kindergarten & (potentially) 1st grade
Mandarin - Kindergarten & (potentially) 1st grade
Program Goals:
  • Meet the challenges of a global society
  • Become bilingual and biliterate
  • Gain career advantages
  • Increase awareness of cultural traditions and customs
  • Achieve academic proficiency in English and Mandarin/Spanish
What is Dual Immersion?
Immersion education is an alternative educational model designed to provide students with fluency and literacy in two languages. In this program, all students develop literacy in Mandarin/Spanish first with the gradual addition of English.
All students in the Immersion Program receive the same curriculum as all students throughout the
district, except that initially they are taught in Mandarin/Spanish for most of the day.
Students in the Immersion Program are taught using California State Standards in English as well
as Mandarin/Spanish. Both English and Mandarin/Spanish are taught daily and the students interact in both languages
Instructional Time in Each Language
 Kindergarten 90% 10%
1st 80% 20%
The Enrollment Process
The goal is to have a balance of 50% English only students and 50% Native speaker students enrolled in our Dual Immersion classrooms. In order for students to be successful in the Dual Immersion Program, they should have a strong foundation in their home language. All incoming Kindergarten and (potentially) 1st grade students
in the Berryessa Union School District are eligible to apply for the Immersion Program. Classroom placement will be based on the following criterion:
  1. Attendance Area Students
  2. Berryessa Union School District Students
  3. Inter-District Permits as Space Allows
  • Please note: Student language classification will be considered to meet 50% classroom balance.
The Dual Immersion application of interest is available through the Education Services Department at the District Office.