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Berryessa Union School District

Berryessa Union School District

Bond Measure L

Measure L is a $77 million dollar General Obligation Bond. It was passed by the Berryessa Community with one of the highest percentages of support for a bond by voters in Santa Clara County on the November 4, 2014 election. The Berryessa Union School District Measure L Bond Program projects will impact all thirteen school facilities over the next four years. This list of projects will upgrade our school security, repair aging facilities and create a 21st Century Learning Environment for our students and teachers. The Superintendent along with the Board of Trustees would like to thank the Berryessa Community for their support.
In April of 2013, Berryessa Union School District began the process of conducting a District-wide survey to assess the current status of the District’s facilities, and to help guide upcoming decisions related to facility utilization and improvement.
The assessment process involved reviewing each of the District’s school sites, as well as the District Office building, the Maintenance Operations and Transportation yard, and the Central Kitchen facility. The goal of the assessment process was to identify and evaluate the existing conditions of the various facilities along with the capacity and utilization rates of the schools, document these conditions, categorize and group them, and provide estimated costs for remedies as needed.
With rapid changes in technology and the proximity to the thriving Silicon Valley technology sector, the Berryessa Union School District focus is on providing students with an excellent technological foundation. Therefore, the 21st Century learning environment was one of the top priorities, and was apparent throughout the process.
Guidance from the District led to an extended period of data gathering, with a goal to include input from as many of the various staff members as possible. Initial meetings were held in May and June of 2013 at each of the sites. Typical attendees included the principal, a group of certificated staff members as representative of the various positions as possible, clerical and maintenance staff, parents and community representatives, and District facilities management. Using a standard checklist, a discussion was held to facilitate candid input from everyone involved regarding campus issues and ideas for resolving or mitigating them.
Further discussions were held to facilitate dialog based on ideas and suggestions from the initial round of meetings. These highly productive sessions were influential in the creation of the final product.
At all times, the focus was on the following items:
  1. Code, Safety, and Security
  2. Technology
  3. Updated Classrooms, Student Support Services, and 21st Century Learning
  4. Energy Conservation
  5. Site Work
The estimated total cost for the Berryessa Union School District Facility Needs Assessment is $251,146,806.
The Implementation Plan (IP):
The Implementation Plan (IP) becomes the road map for the execution of the Berryessa Union School District's Measure “L” Bond program. The journey from inception to completion of all the projects encompassed by Measure “L” are a multi-year task which will necessarily involve adjustments to the project and even changes to the projects list before done.
The three most important elements in the IP are
  • Scope definition
  • Budget reconciliation
  • Schedule development
All three of these elements are highly variable and the success of the program depends on a careful balance of competing priorities.
Scope is defined as the physical requirements of the project; security upgrades, extent of classroom modernization, accessibility upgrades, etc.
Budget is the sum of all costs including planning, design, permits, construction, furniture, technology and District overhead.
The schedule creates a time line for executing individual projects taking into impact to ongoing programs, bond cash flow restrictions and Architect/Engineers workload.
This Implementation Plan is based on input from multiple levels of interested stakeholders including District administrative and academic leadership, campus contingencies, facilities maintenance and operations staff, information technology personnel and construction industry consultants.
The District would like to thank the many staff and community members who were involved in helping us create this plan. A special thanks to the Berryessa Community for voting “YES” on Measure L. Measure L will provide the District with the resources to put this plan into action and support the academic programs that will benefit our students for many years to come.
District Goals:
Ensure a safe learning environment
Enhance proficiency in the 4 C’s: communication, collaboration,
critical thinking, creativity
Enhance technology
Provide professional development for all staff
Increase parent and community involvement and education
Program Budget Overview
Bond Priority, Code, Safety and Security. Total, $9,616,933. Bond Priority, Technology. Total, $7,846,249. Bond Priority, Updated Classrooms, Student Support Services and 21st Century Learning. Total, $44,422,907. Bond Priority, Energy Conservation. Total, $10,870,223 Bond Priority, Site Work. Total, $4,243,629.Total Program Costs, 77 Million Dollars.


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