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6th Grade

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Finding Balance in a Digital World - How do we balance digital media use in our lives?
  Lesson (PDF)
  Student Handout: Online, Offline
  Student Handout: Balancing Act
  Lesson Quiz: Google Form Answer Key
Don't Feed the Phish - How can you protect yourself from phishing?
Lesson (PDF)
  Student Handout: Trick Questions! Practice Quiz: Google Form Printable
Student Handout: How to Catch a Phish: Student Version Teacher Version
Lesson Quiz: Google Form  Answer Key
Who Are You Online? - What are the benefits and drawbacks of presenting yourself in different ways online?
Chatting Safely Online - How do you chat safely with people you meet online?
Digital Drama Unplugged - How can you de-escalate digital drama so it doesn't go too far?
Finding Credible News - How do we find credible information on the Internet?
Lesson (PDF)
  Student Handout: News or Fake News: Student Version Teacher Version
Student Handout: Example #3 Article
Lesson Quiz: Google Form  Answer Key
Additional Resources:
Digital Compass:
Digital Compass is a "choose-your-own-path" digital game designed to help student explore the dilemmas they face as digital citizens. View this video to see an example of how one teacher uses Digital Compass in the classroom.