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BUSD Digital Citizenship Resources for Teachers

Welcome to our Digital Citizenship website. In order to make it easier for our teachers to teach Digital Citizenship, we've assembled resources from the Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship curriculum and other sources by grade-level. We have lesson plans and the accompanying resources for grades K-8 that can be taught in 6 45-minute lessons (3 for grades K-1). There is a one-hour online training that provides information about Digital Citizenship, the curriculum, the resources, how to present it, and how to involve your parents. 

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Before you begin using the Common Sense Education Digital Citizenship curriculum with your students, please complete this one-hour tutorial on using the curriculum with your students. You will find the resources easier to use and have a better understanding of how to present them if you complete the tutorial. The tutorial is customized for the grade-level of your students. At the end of the tutorial, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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To get started, please select your grade level.

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Q: When I click on a link, I get a login screen. What do I do?
A: You can sign in with your district email account using the Clever sign-in feature of Common Sense Education. Just click on the blue "C" toward the top of the page on the right and select or enter your Google credentials. You will only need to do that the first time you use the resources for that day.
Q: Are the lessons or materials available in other languages?
A: On the main page for the lesson, you can find the Lesson PDF, Family Tip Sheet and Student Activity Sheet available in Spanish as well.
Q: What are the Family Tips?
A: The Family Tip Sheets are web pages you can share with parents about the topic presented in the lesson.
Q: What are Student Activity Sheets?
A: The Student Activity Sheets are activities the students can do in class or at home related to the topic presented in the lesson.
Q: How do we report the Digital Citizenship Instruction our students have received?
A: When all Digital Citizenship Instruction has been completed for the year for your students (or by you if you're a middle school teacher), use this form to let us know what you've accomplished for 2019-2020.
Q: Where do these lessons come from?
A: The majority of the resources are from Common Sense Education's Digital Citizenship curriculum. Some K-2 lessons include Google Slides prepared by the Union School District and shared via the Creative Commons 4.0 License.
Q: When was this website last updated?
A: Common Sense Education updated their lessons for grades 3-8 in 2019. These changes are all reflected in the resources on this site as of July 2019.