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Berryessa Union School District

Berryessa Union School District

Welcome to the Berryessa Union School District, Payroll Services!

The goal of Payroll Services is to ensure timely and accurate completion of payroll in accordance with state, local, and federal regulations. Please scroll down if you would like to see information on how to read your pay stub.
Below are payroll forms that can be printed out and completed. Please send completed payroll forms to Payroll by the 15th of the month for changes to be effective at the end of that month (changes to 457 and 403B) contributions will be effective the following month). For substitute employees, please send forms to Payroll by the 25th of the month to be effective the next tenth of month payroll.
Payroll Option Request Forms
Classified Payroll:
Maria Murillo
(408) 923-1858

Certificated Payroll:
Ny Van
(408) 923-1857
Payroll Fax:  408-259-3869
Below are common abbreviations that may appear on your pay stub and their meaning. Please feel free to contact Payroll if you have any questions regarding your pay stub.


NML: Normal Pay
ADP: Additional Pay (such as longevity pay)
HR: Hourly Pay
DLY: Daily Pay
ARR: Arrears Pay (Pay that should have been paid in an earlier pay period with no change in the pay rate)
RET: Retroactive Pay (Back Pay due to a pay rate change)
DEGN: Degree Master
CRED: Credential Bonus
FTE or RATE TYPE: This column will show your full-time equivalent (FTE). If you are a full-time employee, your FTE would be 100.00. If you work 30 hours a week, it would be 75.00, and so on.

Federal Tax: Amount withheld for federal taxes based on federal tax tables and federal exemptions claimed by employee.

State Tax: Amount withheld for state taxes based on state tax tables and state exemptions claimed by employee.

OASDI: Stands for-Old-Age Survivors & Disability Insurance - and is sometimes referred to as the Social Security tax. In general, any employee who is not an active or retired member of STRS is required to contribute to OASDI. The employer matches the employee OASDI contribution as required.

MEDICARE: All employees are required to contribute to Medicare unless they were hired prior to April 1, 1986, and opted to be exempt from Medicare. The employer matches the employee Medicare contribution as required.

STRS: Employees who are members of STRS are required to make STRS contributions. The District contributes the employer portion according to STRS requirements.

PERS: Employees who are members of PERS are required to make PERS contributions. The District contributes the employer portion according to PERS requirements.

PERS BUYOUT:  This is paid by the employer and is the portion of the employee contribution to PERS for CSEA and Teamster members, according to their respective bargaining unit agreements.

UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE: The employer pays the unemployment insurance tax as required.

WORKER'S COMP INSURANCE: The employer pays the Worker's Compensation Insurance as required.

DUE: Union Dues
MED: Medical Insurance premium
DEN: Dental Insurance premium
EYE: Vision Insurance premium
DIS: Disability Insurance premium
LIF: Life Insurance premium
CRU: Credit Union contribution
DON: Donation to United Way
FSA: FlexPlan deduction
TSA: Tax Shelter Annuity contribution
DFR: Deferred Pay withheld. This is when a 10 or 11 month employee opts to divide their annual pay into 12 paychecks. A portion of their net pay is put in a deferred pay account to be refunded during the summer. The balance in the deferred pay account can be seen under the "Fiscal Year to Date" section.

If there is a "Y" next to the deduction in the "Tax Deferred" column, this means that the deduction is deducted from your earnings on a pre-tax basis.
Before calling Payroll regarding a deduction on your check, please note whether the deduction is in the "Employee" column (which is deducted from earnings) or the "Employer" column (which is not deducted from earnings, but is listed for informational purposes only).