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Berryessa Union School District

Berryessa Union School District

Education Services

The primary mission of Education Services is to support the schools in ensuring the success of every student in Berryessa. To fulfill that mission, Education Services provides services, resources, and information for students, parents, staff, and the community. The focus of our work is to oversee curriculum, instruction, staff development, assessment, special education, and categorical programs for the thirteen schools in the Berryessa Union School District. Leadership is provided in the development of curriculum and implementation of content standards, and assessments. Education Services also helps schools, parents, and staff understand, implement, and comply with reforms, statutes, regulations, and guidelines.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with all of our school staff members. The district staff development program is administered by Education Services. Content includes literacy, mathematics, content-area integration, differentiating instruction, using technology, and instructional strategies such as cooperative learning and reciprocal teaching. The staff development is planned so that the needs of teachers at different levels of expertise are met.

Assessment responsibilities range from report cards to parent conferences to district performance assessments to the administration of the ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessment for California) and CAASPP tests (SBAC, CAA, CST). A thorough analysis of student data is done by Education Services, principals, and staff.

Categorical programs are those programs that supplement the general fund portion of schooling. Title I and limited English proficient students receive services; additional money is provided for school improvement, libraries, new teachers, and innovative programs. Coordinating the various programs in Education Services assures that students receive a coherent educational program.